"I have a passion for fitness, cycling and sports. I simply channelized my hobby, ambition & career into a single path."


Popularly known as 'Topspin Doctor Baqar', who is the pioneer of indoor cycling (spin cycling) in India, the dynamic and vibrant Baqar Nasser has been running Topspin Studios in Mumbai for over 14 years and is proud of the success of his new workout regime or body sculpting techniques as you may call it.

Having an early start at the age of 9 in training to be a successful sportsman, Baqar has learnt volumes practically on sculpting and conditioning one’s body depending on your goal and hence has a versatile training technique for all.

Baqar’s sportsmanship, passion for cycling, focus and dedication has bought him many laurels over the years. He has won 11 national medals in cycling and brought glory to Maharashtra after a gap of 28 years. Besides this he has been an All India University Cycling Champion for three consecutive years 1999-2002, the Best Sportsman of the year Bombay University award 2001-2002. He also represented India in Denver Colorado USA.